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Hackers try to extort survey firm QuestionPro after alleged data theft

4 août 2022 à 21:29
Hackers attempted to extort the online survey platform QuestionPro after claiming to have stolen the company's database containing respondents' personal information. [...]

This LEGO G-Shock Mudmaster looks just about as realistic as the original

4 août 2022 à 20:47

It’s proportionally accurate, has a stunningly realistic dial, and can even be worn on your wrist. The LEGO G-Shock Mudmaster comes with a display stand and even has a set of interchangeable straps, all made out of LEGO bricks. In fact, the only thing this timepiece can’t do is tell the time… but then again, is it even supposed to?!

Modeled after a timepiece from one of the most iconic rugged wristwatch brands, this G-Shock Mudmaster will most likely fool you into thinking it’s the real deal. You see, the LEGO brick’s inherent chunky, blocky design lends exceptionally well to the G-Shock’s rugged brand language. The design comes from the mind of LEGO Builder Pedro Jimenez, who submitted this concept to the LEGO Ideas forum where it’s currently racking up votes in a bid to turn the one-off build into a readily available LEGO box set.

Designer: Pedro Jimenez

The LEGO G-Shock Mudmaster is unshakeable proof that with just the right LEGO bricks, you can build just about anything, from a functioning orrery to even a lawnmower. Although Pedro hasn’t specified how many bricks it takes to build the Mudmaster, it looks fairly complicated compared to average LEGO builds and even comes with a glass cover, a realistic dial with hands, a digital screen sitting at the 6 o’clock position, and all the text and branding needed to convince even the toughest of critics.

Along with the watch, Pedro even built out a plastic stand that lets you put your timepiece on full display. From afar, it’s practically indistinguishable from the real deal!

At just over 1000 votes, Pedro is slowly inching towards the 10K vote margin required for LEGO to consider the fan-made build for retail. To be honest, this is one of the more impressive LEGO MOCs (My Own Creation) I’ve ever seen. It isn’t often that you come across something so stunningly realistic. I mean, the watch even comes with its own set of replaceable straps! (and for all intents and purposes, this one is probably insanely waterproof too…)

Click here to vote for the G-Shock Mudmaster in the LEGO Ideas forum.

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PlayStation : l’un des plus grands classiques de la première console Sony s’arrache à prix d’or

4 août 2022 à 20:15
Par : Jinxeb
Un prix inestimable pour certains jeux Cela fait maintenant quelques années que les copies de jeux vidéo sont parfois devenues de véritables objets de collection, dont les exemplaires les plus intacts sont convoités par de nombreux passionnés prêts à...

DHS warns of critical flaws in Emergency Alert System devices

4 août 2022 à 19:41
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warned that attackers could exploit critical security vulnerabilities in unpatched Emergency Alert System (EAS) encoder/decoder devices to send fake emergency alerts via TV and radio networks. [...]

Miracle ! On a trouvé un écran PC gaming parfait pour la PS5 avec la 4K et en réduction !

4 août 2022 à 19:40
Par : Yuriky00
Amazon baisse le prix du très bon écran 4K Samsung Odyssey G7 Amazon casse le tarif initial de l’écran gaming 4K Samsung Odyssey G7 pour afficher le prix de 420€, au lieu des 699€ habituels. Acheter le Samsung Odyssey G7 à 420€ sur Amazon Si vous êtes...

Bullet Train : ce célèbre acteur de films d’action adoré des joueurs aurait pu faire un caméo aux côtés de Brad Pitt

4 août 2022 à 19:14
Par : Jinxeb
Brad Pitt, un retour fracassant sur les écrans Plus de vingt ans après avoir créé le Fight Club dans le film du même nom de David Fincher, Brad Pitt n’est pas près de dire non à l’exercice du film d’action, lui qui a été rodé avec des longs-métrages tels...

Tech news you may have missed: July 28 – Aug. 4

4 août 2022 à 19:10

A deal on Microsoft Surface 3, Excel tips and security threats were the biggest articles on TechRepublic this week.

The post Tech news you may have missed: July 28 – Aug. 4 appeared first on TechRepublic.

How to rename a printer on Windows 11

In this guide, we'll show you the steps to change the name of a printer using Settings, Control Panel, Command Prompt, and PowerShell on Windows 11.

Thousands of hackers flock to 'Dark Utilities' C2-as-a-Service

4 août 2022 à 19:00
Security researchers found a new service called Dark Utilities that provides an easy and inexpensive way for cybercriminals to set up a command and control (C2) center for their malicious operations. [...]

Trottinette électrique : avec ses 120€ de réduction, le modèle-phare de Xiaomi roule sur les prix !

4 août 2022 à 18:45
Par : Matt_Clank
Promo trottinettes électriques : la Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential perd 126€ chez Amazon Chez Amazon, on continue à marteler les promotions sur les prix. Et dans le domaine de la mobilité urbaine, cela donne des résultats on ne peut plus intéressants....

Samsung Gaming Hub : 250 jeux débarquent sur les SmartTV Samsung grâce à Amazon

4 août 2022 à 18:30
Par : Yuriky00
Samsung Gaming Hub : le jeu vidéo directement en cloud sur votre TV C’est le 30 juin 2022 que Samsung a déployé son service Gaming Hub sur toutes ses SmartTV sortis en 2022. La marque sud-coréenne mise sur le gaming pour attirer et garder sa clientèle...

These low-cost solar-powered homes in Sweden are the energy efficient housing solution we need in 2022

4 août 2022 à 18:15

On a street in Örebro, Sweden, you’ll find a set of ten solar-powered rowhouses, each placed artfully against the other, creating a quaint L-shaped development of zero-energy affordable homes. Designed by Street Monkey Architects, the homes make use of passive building principles and photovoltaic panels to generate all the energy they would require to function all year long. Also, the intriguing roofline of the development instantly caught our eyes – besides its solar-power generating capabilities.

Designer: Street Monkey Architects

Adequately insulated, nearly airtight, and amped with ventilation systems that retain a generous amount of heat, the row of homes is not only well-equipped but also showcases certain variations and differences in its exterior. For example – the homes on the east-west side feature a stunning sawtooth roofline and are pitched at an angle to capture as much sunlight as possible. They also feature white plaster facades. Whereas, the homes on the north-south side feature silver facades, and wooden slats to further accentuate the visual variation. This creates a melange of homes that are visually interesting to look at, and manage to contrast one another in a harmonious manner. It also provides residents with a sense of identity and reassures them that their home has its own individual character and unique personality.

The two-story, 1600-square-foot homes are almost completely solar powered, and the unused energy is stored in on-site batteries, which are later sold back to the grid. They arrive in the form of six modules with finished interiors. They are later erected and connected together, producing a smooth development of homes, that effortlessly transition from one unit to another.

The interiors are beautiful, open, and spacious. An airy aura radiates throughout the homes, with a kitchen on the ground floor opening to the dining room, which in turn leads to the living room. Two sets of glass doors in the living room, give you access to a terrace, which acts as a natural extension of the living room.

Steels stairs are supported by vertical wires, creating a suspended staircase, which leads you to three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a family room on the upper level.

The family room is one of my favorite spaces – a warm and minimal area with natural wooden floors and white walls – a great place to relax and connect with your loved ones.

These solar homes are not only spacious, inviting, and exquisitely designed, but they’re also quite affordable. These are the kind of modern and energy-efficient housing solutions we need in 2022!

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Assassin’s Creed : Un joli cadeau en musique à destination des fans pour les 15 ans de la saga

4 août 2022 à 18:08
Par : driehuur
Joyeux anniversaire ! Depuis la fin du mois de juin, Assassin’s Creed fête son quinzième anniversaire. Un site officiel dédié a même ouvert ses portes et dévoile un calendrier des célébrations : chaque semaine met en avant un jeu Assassin’s Creed différent. En...

PS5 : vers un énorme PlayStation Showcase avec de grosses exclus en marge de la gamescom ?

4 août 2022 à 18:07
Par : Jinxeb
Sony et PlayStation se rapprochent de la Gamescom ? Dans un peu moins de trois semaines, l’évènement de l’Opening Night Live donnera le coup d’envoi de l’édition 2022 de la gamescom. Contrairement à l’E3, le salon allemand du jeu vidéo a décidé de ne...

Upcoming MultiVersus characters: All confirmed, rumored, and wanted fighters

The future is looking incredibly bright for MultiVersus. Based on rumors, speculation, and desires, here are some potential candidates for additional fighters.

Xbox begins testing Game Pass family plan

Xbox is beginning to test an Xbox Game Pass family plan, in line with a prior report from Windows Central.